Hi. My name is Victor Hugo

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I am a Junior Data Analyst with many years of experience in Graphic Design within technology companies and in the Federal Government of Brazil supporting projects with agile teams. I dominate the areas of large-scale offset printing, brand strategy and visual identities (Illustrator, Corel and Indesign). I also now study Data Analysis for decision making (Python, Adobe XD, SQL and Power BI). I'm versatile, a daddy of 9 pets and I love to talk about Brand Value. I invite you to follow the growth of my studies on applied art in real life small businesses. Are you ready?

Name: Victor Hugo (Pronounced Vik Tr Hyoo Gow)

Age: 31 years old (with a baby face)

Job title: Junior data analyst specializing in visual identities

Location: Barueri, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Phone: +55 0xx11 9-8879-2396

Mail: [email protected]