Hi, I’m Victor Hugo.

I’m an independent Web user interface and design systems engineer, author, speaker, and trainer based in Lebanon.

About my history

Here I talk about my family of graphic industrial managers, a little about my personality and how I became a lover of the connection between human science and exact science.
I love researching and analyzing different lines of reasoning to map out a strong connection between brands and people in pursuit of a business purpose.

I'm a recent student of Big Data and Analytics. And I'm also a senior graphic designer who's been doing what I've been doing since before I was born. Design is in my family's DNA just as your brand is for your business to grow.

My name is Victor Hugo and I'm from Rio. I'm 31 years old, daddy of 9 pets, married a baker who makes me cakes and sweets for breakfast.

I love pets and I support animal rescue.

Who are my Petz? Wait a minute, I need to count on my fingers, here we go:
The yorkshires Maria Júlia Coutinho or "Maju" (named in honor of the presenter of Fantástico on TV Globo) and the Pelúcia (weighing its enormous 1.5kg). We rescued them along with 125 other pets in a clandestine kennel for mistreatment along with the Civil Police of São Paulo. 

Maju is given, if you caress her, she even faints on her lap just for you to continue. And Plush loves to twirl and twirl when she's happy. But that's because she lived with 10 other dogs in a very tiny space, and we haven't been able to take that away from her until today.
The German Spitz Luigi, our grandma-raised son. He is totally out of the loop, a true gentleman. We call him the King of the Feed Pot, because he sleeps with his muzzle in the pot all night. Every now and then we make fun of him. He has a deformed patella and keeps putting his paw back in place. And when he does, he looks like a ballerina. And Theobald, this is a real Spitz. Electric, hyperactive, but we can't play with him much on account of his collapsed trachea and heart problem. So he has a free pass to piss in bed, on the couch, wherever he wants. And we go after it, cleaning everything up without saying no.
In the pandemic came two more dogs. We got a pseudo mini border collie that we affectionately call King Alexander the Great. The name was because we found him inside a rubbish bag in the garbage and he had so many ticks that we had to give him medicine and special attention for 65 days.

Another time as we were leaving our condo we found a little dog running. We thought it was from one of our neighbors because she was wearing a leash and, when we realized, the leash was actually a cizal rope. We are myopic. This one hit us. And we were adopted! She's a mutt with a labrador and sausage mix. And we named it in honor of the song by Seu Jorge and Ana Carolina, because that was the song that was playing in the car when we found it. A very difficult girl to forget.

And then we have our cats.

O Brownie que resgatamos de um catador de lixo, ele mal se alimentava e vivia correndo risco. O rapaz deu para cuidarmos dele. Ele também é fora da curva. Ama tomar banho, se dá com todos os bichinhos e ele fala com você.
O Snow veio de uma ONG após resgatarem ele por maus tratos. Na ONG ele não conseguiu se adaptar, ninguém queria um gato já adulto e surdo. Ele vivia lá com outros 60 gatinhos e estava super estressado, então resolvemos tentar adaptá-lo aqui em casa. No primeiro dia, ele começou a berrar por estar longe da gente e o Brownie foi correndo ficar do lado dele. Os dois agora não desgrudam.
Um belo dia chegando na garagem estava conversando com minha esposa que não podíamos mais ter nenhum bichinho. Quando estacionamos na nossa garagem, adivinha? Uma gatinha de poucos meses foi correndo e pulou no capô do nosso carro. Como não cuidar? Levamos no veterinário, procuramos um adotante para ela, mas não teve jeito. Ninguém quis adotá-la e outro membro da família chegou!
And finally, our three Sphynx's. The most affectionate sisters we had. The first one we got was Candy. She was adopted, but had a nasty habit of pooping in bed whenever they fought with her. She's fresh, she doesn't wipe her own butt and if you complain, she crawls on the floor just for you to clean.

The other two we received after a couple of our friends had their child with a cat allergy. As they are hairless, it is much worse for a child because of the body fat. They had no choice but to donate them. And since they were our friends and we had her sister Candy, the adoption was perfect.

Olga and Domitila were named after the lovers of Napoleon Bonaparte. And Candy got that name because all our kittens are named after candy and the dogs are named after people.
Domitila and Luigi work with me inspiring creativity from heaven.

And all my pets are rescues or adopted!

About My Skills

If you are looking for a partner and want to know which programs I work on, my technical-scientific skills and my theoretical knowledge, this session is for you.
Today, I'm the author of the Codrops CSS Reference and co-author of a book that covers time-saving, practical techniques for crafting fast, maintainable and scalable responsive websites.
I work with companies and agencies around the world, building Web user interfaces, design systems, and digital products with focus on responsive design, accessibility, performance, and cutting-edge tech. I’ve worked with teams at companies like SuperFriendly, Herman Miller, Khan Academy, Bosch, and more.
I also speak and run workshops across the globe, covering practical insights and tried and true practices for building scalable, resilient front-end foundations. In the last few years, I’ve presented and delivered Keynotes at dozens of events worldwide, and have led workshops at conferences, as well as in-house for companies like Netflix, Telus, and the Royal Schiphol Group at Amsterdam Airport.

What are they saying about me?

"Sara possesses a near-boundless curiosity, a peerless intellect, and some of the best communication skills I’ve seen in our industry. She’s also one of the finest, friendliest people I’ve ever met. I’ve watched her unpack gnarly, technical concepts in countless articles and conference talks, and I’m constantly awed at her ability to make even the most tangled specification more approachable to the rest of us. What’s more, it’s rare to find someone who cares equally deeply about accessibility and cutting-edge code; thankfully, Sara’s able to marry the two in everything she does, and artfully so.

Our industry is better for Sara’s work, her voice, and her passion. Heck, my work is better for her work. I’m proud to consider her a colleague, and would leap at the chance to collaborate with her on a project."
— Ethan Marcotte
Designer & Author of “Responsive Web Design”